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I loved decorating my baby nursery!

Its was seriously so much fun. I had no idea what I was doing as I truly imagined all my life that if I did have a baby (which was actually never in my plan until I was in my 30’s), that I would be having a girl. That was a certainty. But, turns out things don’t go to plan as I’ve written before. I was having a little bouncing baby boy! And he did a lot of bouncing while he was in my belly!!!

So basically we bought a pram and it was supposed to have an aqua hood but turns out it was teal. i wasn’t so crash hot on the teal colour but funnily enough it ended up being the colour that I modelled the entire baby room around. So it ended up being teals, aquas blues, whites and greys. All really nice gentle colours and it still feels like such a relaxing room.

I finished it basically by the time I hit 20 weeks! I was quick out of the starting gate with this one and I raced to the finish line. I am a graphic designer so maybe it was my artistic streak but I just LOVED doing the room. I could do that for a living I reckon. If I had an endless supply of money it would be an awesome job!

In saying that, I did do it all on a massive budget and it was really easy! We bought all of our furniture second hand from a lovely women who I found online. For $300 we had all our baby room furniture (besides the nursing chair which we bought separately – and I have never used it!). Most of the decorations I either bought online for a discount price or I made lots of little things myself with stuff I bought from the $2 store or from craft shops. It really doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise, and lets face it, what I like for my baby is surely not going to be what he wants when he is old enough to make up his own mind and its all going to be changed regularly depending on his taste!

I really like gentle muted colours for a baby nursery though. It really makes it feel comforting and soothing. I know it worked for our bubba cause he loved being in there, and still does, as long as mummy or daddy are with him.

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