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Girl Gang.

Boss Babes.

Female Family.

Lady Boss.


Whatever you want to call it. That’s the shit right there.

Women are creating massive movement this century and we are taking control of all things we are passionate about.

It truly is an epic thing to witness and be a part of.

I started my “entrepreneurial” journey way before I began my essential oil business. I was a Freelance Graphic Designer and had worked from home on and off for over 10 or so years. I had other gigs in the mean time. I worked at my parents family printing business. I worked in the Aged Care Industry and with The Alzheimers Association. I have worn many hats. But working for myself has always been my dream. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved all my other jobs, but I like the freedom to do what I want when I want. Typical Aries…. actually, typical woman right? We like to make our own rules… and why shouldn’t we!!!

However, I am straying off topic. This is not about being a work from homer, or a mum-preneur. This is about being the captain of your own destiny. 

I’m not going to get all Feminist – Female Activist – Burn your Bra type of extremist. I’m not really into that, I am just super proud of this whole movement of women who are supporting and loving the shit out of one another!

Slowly, the days of tearing people down to feel better about yourself are washing away. It is being replaced by women who are holding each other up and cheering each other on to do epic and powerful shit! In business. In life. In love. In motherhood. In friendship. In sadness and happiness and everything in between! Its truly liberating to be a part of such a shift.

Now I have created an astoundingly awesome crew of women to share my world and dreams with. I say created, purely because its been based around my website, blog, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. By “create” I mean “live”. Living is Creation. Every day we live our lives, we are the master of our creation of every second of every day. We choose to react and be whatever energy we desire.

This seriously beautiful collective of females whom I get to connect with daily are changing my life. They technically came into my life so I could assist them, guide them, lead them, open a place of kindness to them. But isn’t it amazing that, at the end of the day… They are the ones whom have created love for me. They have turned my world into a much brighter place. They are my support network. They are my friends. They are my strength. Without them (yes I mean you!)… I would be talking to, writing to and video blogging to no-one! You guys are my success and a huge part of my story.

Anyone out there who feels that they don’t have a friend, or that they have nobody to listen? If you are reading this… you do. You always have someone that will listen. The sisterhood of women whom I share my world with are a perfect example of the love that women are creating for one another. Its a fucking sweet sweet thing!

If you feel you are not good enough… If you are comparing yourself to others… Please huni, STOP IT right now. You don’t need to. You are amazing just as you are. If you want to improve anything about yourself, do it for you! Do it because you want to feel or be or look a certain way. NOT because you feel you have to be like someone else, or that you have to do it to be liked. Screw that! Good people will like you even if you don’t like yourself! So don’t go screwing with you to be like some one else!

The Sisterhood is Real. The Feminine Energy is starting to sprinkle all over this world that we live in.
We are learning to have a big voice.
We are learning to feel what we feel.
We are opening up to becoming unapologetically ourselves.

Being different should never mean you are not accepted.

Be you.

Love yourself.

Show the world who you are.

Just watch, when you do… I bet your arse at least one or two women will stand up and show you love and cheer you on.


If you want to be a part of our tribe. Just sing out! We can’t wait to meet you!

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