Okay… so obviously there are certain oils that are just not appropriate for certain applications. But honestly, eliminate all that fear you may having around using your essential oils. If you are using your oils in a sensible way and following the safety guidelines, you will not have any issues or a single thing in the world to worry about!

Essentials Oils are very potent and powerful. I am speaking of dōTERRA Essential Oils in particular as these are the oils that I have chosen to be align myself with. So if you are using any other brand of essential oil please do not apply these rules to the usage of them. They may have synthetics and not be of the same pure and Certified Therapeutic Grade. But if you are indeed lucky enough to have dōTERRA essential oils in your life, you can be rest assured that, used correctly, you can sleep easy at night knowing you are only creating health and harmony in your home!

Hopefully when you opened your wholesale account you would have been armed with an amazing selection of info including the very important Safety Guidelines. These can actually be found on our website also, see the Safety Guides.

Literally I want everyone to stop freaking out about wanting to have the perfect oil for everything. When I started… I just used my intuition. Just follow what you feel you should use. If you have a pain in the belly, yes I would firstly suggest DigestZen… but honestly, you could pick Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender, Frankincense, whatever you liked really… and more often than not the oil you choose (regardless of if it would have been the first choice selected by the experts) it will help support you. Essential oils, being volatile aromatic compounds can bridge the space between unease and healing.

So next time you have a bit of a panic because you can’t think of the perfect oil to use for something, or your friend isn’t answering your concerned message about “what do I blend for blah blah blah”… Look at your oils, look through your resources and follow your nose. Pardon the pun. Hehehe!

But honestly… Don’t over complicate it! Use your oils wisely.

ALWAYS check in with that safety guide though! And when applying topically… ALWAYS DILUTE!!!!

Have fun! xxx


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