Adrenal Fatigue.

What am I talking about? 

Are you constantly tired. Even if you do get a decent amount of sleep?

Are you craving sugary foods? Do you suffer from anxiousness and that feeling of stress, you know that fight or flight feeling with the nervous energy and panic attack type symptoms?

Do you suffer from puffiness and fluid retention? Can you actually remember ANY FUCKING THING? I can’t! I can’t keep blaming baby brain!

Do you get light-headed? Do you have some aches and pains? Muscle weakness, digestive issues… do you want me to go on?

Does this sound like you? Well… I can tell you right now that nearly all of those, actually no, I tell a lie… EVERY single one of those ring true to me.

I have looked into this so many times I would hate to count. You know how sometimes you just have to listen to your intuition. Well now is the time for me. 

I know I have a HUGE problem with sugar! Sugar is my achilles heel. Its my go to. Its the thing I just love. Don’t get me wrong, I looooove savoury too. I actually love all food. I’m a little guts, but sugar does have a special place in my heart.

So, I am about to embark on what is going to be something that will be super hard for me. Being a sugar lover, I am going to attempt to cut out sugar, processed and refined. I will still eat fruits but there goes my chocolates and biscuits and lollies!

I know I’ll survive! I’ve done it before, but whenever I am about to begin a transformation… I like to give it some welcoming. I like to prepare myself for the cravings, I like to encourage the change and acknowledge that it will be a struggle in some way. If it wasn’t a struggle I would be doing it now, instead of polishing off a Red Tulip Easter Bunny.

So sugar, I bid you farewell. This next week or two I will go as minimal with the sugars as I can, to wean off. I normally do Cold Turkey type shit, but I am a mum of a toddler and running my own business… I’m not a fucking idiot, small steps these days!

I would be cutting out caffeine too but I actually don’t have any. I don’t drink coffee. I do drink tea but I don’t think that will add much to the big scheme of things. The chocolate I will be cutting out would probably contain more.

I will eliminate Soy. Go super skimpy on the dairy. Dare to once again not eat so much gluten (I can go without bread but I will have to eat some pasta – heaven help me if I can’t have ma pasta – I’ll do a little gluten free, its not too bad). And off course… go easy on the alcohol. Which surprisingly enough I do these days in comparison to what I use to consume! I don’t even touch the sides if comparing to before I had my little boy. If there was vodka in the house it was going to be drunk! Hahaha.

So besides the elimination side… I will be adding some rather fascinating elements. Some not so appealing but I will try anything once! So chicken livers is on the top of the list. Shit tonnes of dark green leafy vegetables. I will get back into the nutritional yeast (which is a great substitute for cheese!). I’ll start my days with avo and eggs and really plump up the diet with fresh foods and organic meats.

I will also be taking a trip to the naturopath and stocking up on some very special adaptogen herbal supplements to help support all those issues. The Magnesium, B vitamins and many others will be a big focus for me too.

Lastly I am going to focus on some rest. Not burning the candle at both ends constantly! Sometimes but not always! I say as I am blog writing at 10:15pm. And meditation, relaxation… day dreaming.

Its time for this mumma to recharge and reboot the system a bit. So wish me luck. I am not looking forward to some of it. Mainly the lack of sugar, but I know it will get easier!

So anyone got any more pointers for me? I have shit loads of info on this, but I can never get enough knowledge!

Is anyone else doing a bit of a personal transformation this month or next? Or maybe you have done one and come out the other end with some fab stories for me? Let me know! I would love to hear about them!!!

Much love

Keyna xxo


See the below image that I grabbed from Dr Axe – Food is Medicine. 

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