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Part of this new transformation that I am embarking on is my morning practice.

Now this is something that is small and could be actually thought of as somewhat insignificant, but its actually one of the most important things to make right. That morning time, when you wake up and set the intention for the rest of your day.

I am guilty of doing what is classed as the worst thing to do upon waking. 

At the moment (insert I am a busy mum – running a business from home – all the excuses in the world right!), I get up, go to the toilet, wash my face, and walk out into the lounge room and get my little toddler organised… What do you think I do next???? Yep you guessed it. I pick up my phone and text my hubby and look at my messages and even sometimes have a facebook scroll. ALL BEFORE I EVEN HAVE BREAKFAST!!!

Faaaaarrrrrrrk…. I am hopeless.

So starting this morning, I changed that right up.

I woke up, showered, listened to the way my body felt and payed attention to what it was trying to tell me. What I felt like for breakfast, what oils I needed to use, what purpose I wanted to have for my day.

Then I gave thanks for what I am grateful for. All the magical shit in my life. And I said it out loud. I didn’t just give it a fleeting though. I spoke it! No I don’t pray. But I gave thanks to the universe for filling my life with wonderful things.

You know, I actually slept in for an extra hour this morning, but after starting my day with more intention and purpose, I achieved way more this morning than I normally do. The way I started my day had made a huge difference.

So I am not saying you have to do yoga, meditate, eat an açai bowl or make a green smoothie… but if you take a moment in the morning to give yourself time and to give thanks and actually think about the ones you love, the ones who are here and the ones who aren’t (always start your day speaking to the loved ones who are only here in spirit – trust me, they hear you)… It will create a much brighter day.

So if you are a bit of a sloth in the morning, and can’t get started real fast. If you feel you need some motivation and would be open to a little positive change to start your day… TRY IT!

I encourage you to wake up tomorrow and just allow yourself 10 minutes to do some inner work, before you do your normal shit!

Start your day with GRATITUDE tomorrow.

Oh and when you are done with that have a huge big glass of room temperature water with a drop or two of Lemon Essential Oil to kickstart your metabolism.

Love you guys.

Let me know how you go



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