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Magnesium. You need it! We all need it. Most of us are deficient!

Okay so let me set the mood for you… Actually lets not get too waffly. I’ll keep it simple. 

Its starting to cool down. In Australia our beautiful Summer months have come slowly to an end. This weekend they actually forecast that we will get to overnight lows of 6 on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Yes you heard me right… I said SIX DEGREES!

So besides the usual little niggling things that we all tend to experience with this seasonal change, like chapped dry skin, sniffly nose, a tickle in the throat, a little extra padding as we start to eat more warming comfort foods.

Some of us are hit with certain types of aches and pains that only flare up with overuse or the onset of cold weather. 

I have a torn rotator cuff and bursitis in my shoulder. Its pretty much fine all year round… But not at night when its cold! Thats when I suffer. I feel get all the feels in that arm and joint. It can keep me wide awake for hours.

Now recently with this influx of cold temperatures… I have started applying my magnesium oil. (I make it myself.
If you want the recipe, I’ll pop the link below to my post on facebook). Now magnesium is amazing. It helps with a multitude of issues such as muscle issues and aches, migraines, trouble sleeping, anxiety, restless legs and heaps more. 

Your skin, being the largest organ of your entire body… is the best place to apply your Magnesium to get its full benefits! So I apply it directly to my shoulder and down my arm with a blend of Frankincense and Copaiba Essential Oils. Both of these oils have insanely epic supportive properties… I advise you to google them both to get the full list of benefits! But amazing I tell you, AMAZING! (You can choose whatever oils you want but these are my top picks!)

So if you want my red hot tip for any cold weather related sleep / aches and pain issues… Get your MAGNESIUM OIL out and don’t forget to add some of the best essential oils you can find!

Trust me… you won’t regret it! 

Link to my Facebook DIY Magnesium Oil Video –

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