Ahhhhhh…. mama.
I have been getting so many messages lately about all the unfortunate and sometimes devastating things that can happen to us mums during and after childbirth.

Close your ears guys, men, fellas… this is just for the ladies, time for you to leave the party.

Yep… I am talking about the pelvic floor stuff. The weakness. The pain. The LBL. The not so LBL. The urgency. We all know where I am going with all of this. (I am kind of trying to lose the interest of any dudes who may be reading this – they usually phase out after they start reading things that they don’t really grasp, so hopefully I have lost most of them by now).

But ladies, you all know what I am referring to. Its FUCKING HORRIFIC to be polite, some of that stuff we as women have to go through. What some women continue to deal with and have to process daily for years and usually the rest of our lives. It can be life changing and very difficult to cope with. Yet we put on our big mama panties (literally) and get on with it.

Now we all know that most of us (some very lucky ones – usually the younger more supple and collagen producing mums escape this), have to deal with the body image issues.
The excess baby weight that can’t be fucking moved.
The stretch marks.
The saggy boobs.
The extra cellulite.
The change in shape of every part of your body! I am convinced not even my feet look the same!
Your hair changes.
Your skin changes.
Your appetite changes.
Your energy levels are whack.
You are a totally fucking different person from the moment you fall pregnant.
You change as a woman.
It completely alters every cell in your body!

It is the best thing that has ever happened to all of us, but it can be the most heartbreaking thing too… when you are faced with a lifetime of pissing your pants.
Not being able to do certain exercises.
Not feeling like the woman you once felt like and for some women… they can’t even really enjoy playing and running around with their children.
Childbirth is a beautiful miracle.
Its as painful as shitting out a watermelon… but hey, it is your beautiful watermelon after all.
I don’t know a single mother who would change it for anything in the world.
But… Some women will be changed physically forever and it can take its toll.
I am seeing it more and more. I have deep conversations with women every week who are broken because they will never be the same again.

Now this post isn’t a sympathy vote for women with broken vaginas, but its just the beginning of some raw subjects that I will be touching on because I don’t think things such as this should be so taboo. Its also not a post that should scare anyone away from wanting or having children. Its just being radically honest about the things that can and do happen sometimes.

Some women truly live in fear that their insides could become outsides, and some women have to take a couple of set of knickers out with them… “just in case”.
It is what it is. And its so much more common than you could imagine.
Very similarly to the fact the women with Endometriosis are starting to speak up.
These pelvic female reproductive issues can break a woman’s heart some days.

So in a world where men are forever rearranging their dick in their pants, picking their arses, farting, burping (I could go on but you get the picture)… Don’t you think its time Sally should feel safe telling Susan that she can’t go jogging anymore because her uterus might fall out? Come to think of it.. that might be a bit much, but you get the message.


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