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Shit its been a rough week. I know all parents hate it when their children are sick. Thats a given. But I have been living under a rock for all of Asher’s life. 

You see he has never been sick. 

Yes he’s had the odd sniffle and he’s felt a little hot to touch, but its all dissipated and turned into nothing. 

Well not the last week. I was in for a rude awakening. 

Last Wednesday he started feeling hot to touch and complaining he was tired and wanted to go to bed at around 6pm. So that was odd… I gave him a feed (yes he was still breastfeeding… but not anymore – but thats another blog post), then I took him to bed for an early night. 

Two hours later his temp is fucking through the roof… I’m talking 40.4 degrees and I was shitting myself. My husband was out playing soccer and I was not sure what the hell to do (I don’t know why my husband not being at home could have made it any less alarming, but two heads are better than one they say!). 

I gave him some Panadol after covering him in Peppermint essential oil which has been proven to lower the core body temp. Then I waited. He was having little febrile fits, not bad, and not last much longer than a second or two, but enough to scare me. I was shaking him to wake up and he was pretty non responsive. So I just made sure I kept talking to him and keeping him as alert as I could. When he eventually came to he projectile vomited all over both of us and the bed… my bed… because he co-sleeps. So that was just an added bonus to the evening.

Anyhow, thank god my hubby had arrived home and he cleaned all the sheets while Asher and I showered. then after getting all cleaned and going back to bed, he spewed again. Lucky I had put towels down so it was just us that needed showering again.

After that he seemed to be okay but the fever was way above 39 all night and well into the next two days. So it was fever watch and trying to bring the temps down for all of Thursday and Friday. 

Saturday he was okay but still droopy and sad, Sunday he seemed a lot better so we went out for lunch and got out of the house. Monday, again he was okay, still very lethargic but that was to be expected. 

Then come Monday night he starts with new symptoms. Sneezing, snotty, runny nose and an awful little cough that sounded like it was becoming very chesty.

So another sleepless night ensued because I had my mummy alert hat on. Tuesday morning I’d had enough of predicting what was happening to him and stopped with my assuming and took him to the doctor down the road. Of course that was not something that made him very happy. Pulling into the carpark, he must have had memories from when he had his vaccinations so he started screaming “Asher no like this place!”.

Anyhow, we saw the doctor much to his dislike and she has assured me that I have done everything just perfectly! Yay for me! But Asher does have quite a nasty virus that she has only seen in teens and adult so far so it would be doing major shit things to his little body. So we are on orders to stay home and keep him away from any other germs for a good 3-5 days and let his body rest and recover. 

I can’t say this has been a breeze… Besides feeling awful watching my baby boy struggle with an illness that mummy can’t just make go away, I had big plans to kick some mum boss arse this month with my business. I have visions of being much more productive, and its been an ever so slow start. But maybe that is the universe telling me to take another approach? Everything in life has a lesson within it. 

So we have another few days at home to chill and let the little man get well. He’s only tiny for a fleeting moment in time, and he needs his mummy. So I will be whatever he needs for however long he needs it… I just wish I could turn off that arsehole in my head who keeps getting frustrated that I’m not doing all the other things I want or need to be doing! Simmer down bitch! I’ll get to it! 



The oils that I used to help support Asher throughout his virus were:

• Peppermint Touch Roller – Use on his feet and back of neck. To help support and lower the core body temperature.

• OnGuard Touch Roller – Used down his spine. To help support and protect his immune system.

• Frankincense Touch Roller – Used on his feet and spine. To help support his healthy cell function and promote healing from the inside. 

• Manuka Touch Roller – On his throat and chest to help with any discomfort from any respiratory issues. 

• Easy Air Vapour Stick – Used on his chest and back. To help support clear breathing and open his airways.

• We diffused OnGuard, Easy Air, Tea Tree, Lemon, Wild Orange and Lavender through the house.

• I used my OnGuard Soft Gels for myself to keep my immune system supported. I also upped my does of DDR Prime and LLV, as I normally take a half dose. 

• I made sure I was wiping down my benches and all surfaces that Asher touched with an OnGuard Cleaning Concentrate mixture with white vinegar and extra OnGuard and Tea Tree Oil added along with water to top it up. (Ask me for the recipe if you want it).




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