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The smartest way to buy dōTERRA. Our Loyalty Rewards Program is the best way to earn free products and gradually build up your kit. Simply put the LRP it the frequent flyer program of dōTERRA. It is a no-hassle way of building your natural pharmacy & maximizing your membership. It is a monthly auto-ship order where you will automatically receive the products you love on a regular basis and, because dōTERRA want to reward you for loving our products you will receive free product credits (like frequent flyer points) to spend like real cash as well as the chance to qualify for the free Product of the Month (POM) club every month.

You CREATE ALL ORDERS through your doTERRA Website: – Use ID number and Password to log in.


Free Product credits: Every time your order goes through on the Loyalty Rewards Program a percentage the PV that you spend will awarded back to you in product points (I like to call them dōTERRA dollars). dōTERRA will reward you even further the longer you are part of the loyalty rewards program! For the first few months, depending on the kit you buy you may receive 10% of the PV on the order back in dōTERRA dollars but, this increases every 3 months by 5% until 13 months when you will be getting 30% back! So, if you order the Lifelong Vitality Pack at 60pv you will receive 6pv back in product credits. After 13 months on the program you are getting 30% of your order back, so that same Lifelong Vitality Pack will get you 18 product credits. That can add up to a lot of oils!

Product of the Month (POM) club: By placing a loyalty rewards order of 125pv (points value) before the 15th of each month you will receive the free product of the month. You can find out what the free POM each month on your virtual office or Check the chart below to see how you can make the LRP reward program suit your needs best… The LRP is not a requirement of a dōTERRA membership and it is not a ‘contract’. You are able to change the shipping date, address, debit details and, the order itself can be changed at any time up to 24 hours before it is set to process. You can also withdraw from the program at any time by emailing Member Services, but note any outstanding product credits will be lost upon cancelling so make sure you redeem them first. MEMBER SERVICES PHONE NUMBER IS : (02) 8015 5080.

NOTE: Loyalty Rewards Orders are for personal consumption only and products purchased on this program are not to be sold at retail. Don’t hesitate to call your enroller or team leader to have a chat if you need more info.



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