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I’m now a 41 year old mum. I have a husband and a 5 year old boy. Turn back the clock to about 6 or 7 years ago, my life was more focused on smoking, drinking, late nights, loud music and not giving too many shits about much at all besides a good time!
In 2012 my dad was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer and that was the instigator for many changes in my life.
Suddenly I was faced with the reality that we aren’t invincible or immortal.

So fast forward to now and I have changed so many aspects of my life. I still love loud music, the occasional late night and I love a vodka or a tequila or six, but life has certainly slowed down to a much more gentle pace. And I now take care of myself and my family in every way possible.

I’ve always followed the advice or naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors and holistic healers. Thanks to my parents, I grew up in a home that focused mainly on alternative medicine and healing, utilising the more Western medicine approach only when necessary.

Essential oils and learning ways to swap out toxic chemicals and synthetically laden products in my home was just the natural next step.
Especially now with a young child in my home, I was even more laser focused on sticking with natural products.

So I am just your average woman/wife/mum. I am a graphic designer. I have a passion for music. I’m a hot blooded Aries.
If I find a that something lights me up on the inside… It becomes a part of me.

If you are keen to touch base, have a chat about how this could help you, to learn more about oils, or this more natural way of living… hit a sister up!