ESSENTIAL OIL MOOD MIST | 100ml A stunning blend of oils that will make you feel amazing. USAGE :  Spritz this beautiful essential oil mist on your body + surroundings. INGREDIENTS : Pink Pepper + lavender + siberian fir + vanilla + H2O + natural solubilizer. Always shake well before use to disperse the oils perfectly. Use with caution on light fabrics as essential oils may stain. Do not apply before sun exposure. Do not spray directly into or onto ears, eyes, mouth or sensitive areas. live 100ml essential oil mist a beautiful blend of oils that uplifts the senses. a blend of pink pepper + lavender + siberian fir + vanilla. spicy, flowery, woody and fresh with that subtle sweet powdery vanilla. this blend is amazing for calming and relaxation. all the oils in this blend are high in limonene so they will help work with your body to soothe and relax the nervous system. a sweet yet grounding blend of oils that will help you feel less stress and anxiety, promoting calmness + still. beautiful + wild + balancing + comforting. a stunning aroma that will help you any time of the day.

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